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David Willden

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Expert at leading operations improvement, turnarounds, cost improvement, strategy, execution, PMOs, and product development for large (30,000 staff) and smaller organizations (60 personnel). Led company redesigns resulting in $1.2B in improvements by revamping strategies, target markets, products and services, operations, technologies, structures, roles, and people practices. Direct report to CEOs (COO, VP, Director).  Managed teams to publish best-selling books ($3M).  Led 300 profitable, concurrent projects, 105 consultants, and 400 staff producing:

    • $528M      Operations improvement savings
    • $570M      Strategy, execution, and project results
    • $34M         New product revenue


    • Led operational project teams in achieving $528M in systemic improvements.
    • Overhauled product development practices and led product development teams generating $34M in revenue.
    • Generated $13M in consulting revenue and $3M in book royalties.


    • Led enterprise redesign resulting in $1.2B in improvements by overhauling strategy, products and services, operations, technologies, structures, and leadership practices.
    • Managed corporate teams key to transforming business from net income loss of $109M to 28M in profits. Exited non-core businesses, reduced SG&A costs ($40), lowered COGS and capital expenditures ($16M), developed and launched new offerings.
    • Increased customer numbers by approximately 450% through revamping strategies, target markets, products/ services, and operations.


    • Developed and executed turnaround strategies resulting in $570M in operational and revenue improvements.
    • Realigned strategy improving efficiency by an estimated 34%.


Implemented highly successful mentoring, career progression tracks, and training programs to help employees learn and grow.

Passionate about helping people to succeed in their career and/or business. Author of the best-selling book Creating You, Inc. a guidebook that helps people to create their own career or business doing what they love most and making a real difference.  Consulted with executives throughout the world to assist them to become thought leaders, help their employees to do the same, and to create highly passionate and engaged cultures.

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Example of reviews

David has masterfully created for individuals what Jim Collins did for companies in "Good to Great."

I have never seen another book that compares with what David L Willden has written in this gem. He brings so much useful information together and presents it in a very interesting fashion that motivated me to immediately start applying many of his recommendations. I was especially touched by his focus on "most noble passions" and what really underlies success and happiness. I recommend this book to anyone who is looking to improve his or her life.

Unlike other books that focus on developing the right attitudes, Creating You, Inc. has a more research-based approach that sets it apart from the rest.

Being on the cross roads of what to do with the last 15-20 years of my professional life this book couldn't be more timely. Do I do a startup, create an academy my personal passion, do strategic consulting, or ride the other end of the corporate ladder. Happiness is more important than money. This resource will certainly help me get from good to great.

Creating You, Inc. is not only a fascinating book written by strategist David Willden but an entrepreneurship discovery tool.  The book focuses on a basic theme- "the world needs you", and discusses at length that, to fulfill those "worldly needs," one needs to find the noble passion, courage, hope in all its dimensions, curiosity marked with a sense of discovery of talents in the most aligned perspective, the worldly requirements of talents to redefine the challenges and opportunities, individual empowerment, and deeply understand the political, economical, social, technological, legal and environmental implications of the business, etc.

Creating You, Inc. is a Practical Life Optimization Guide. Joseph Campbell said "Follow your bliss." David Willden has managed to craft a pragmatic guide to achieving your life potential - to become the person you want to be. The beautiful part of this process is that, in achieving your positive potential, all those with whom you work and relate are the beneficiaries of your positive energy and productive work.

As a serial entrepreneur, I know that being responsible for one's own success is a bi-polar pursuit, switching between daunting and thrilling, difficult and rewarding, lonely and celebratory. A straight-forward and easy-to-read guidebook such as David Willden's "Creating You, Inc." should prove to be invaluable for entrepreneurs, whether new, would-be or seasoned, in successfully navigating the entrepreneurial white water. Indeed, it is a great resource for anyone who wants to build a rewarding career. It offers methods and short-cuts for deciding what to create or become, how to get started, and steps for building a successful, rewarding and meaningful venture or career. Along the way, David's deep passion and caring nature reveals itself as he presents enlightening case studies, some from his own unique experience, and dispenses inspiration and guidance that are sure to help many start right and stay the course to the best outcome.

David writes in a way that causes the reader to truly reflect and think about what they really want in life. If you are stuck in mediocrity and want to succeed and thrive, Creating You, Inc. will give you the tools you need to have success. This book has a ton of heart and it's packed with surprising stories, facts and analogies that are entertaining, soul stirring and will inspire you to live a life filled with purpose.

This is an excellent no-nonsense book, very easy to read and written in a relaxed style that makes you want to read more!   I am impressed with how skillfully written it is, such a way that the concepts, principles, and processes are intertwined and are applicable to any reader. The content shows how one can become an agent of change and turn unhappiness into motivation. I appreciate the way David describes how I can discover or rediscover talents and passions, and redefine my reality.

David Willden takes us from thinking and defining our inner strengths to the global trends that will affect the world in which we will live and work. Given that, he uses those and national trends to project the kind of jobs and skills needed in the economy of the future. I particularly like the way he categorized the different types of archetypes that the new economy will require. The last sections of the book translate the trends and archetypes into practical advice about how to design your career and your company. This book challenges traditional thinking and provides a comprehensive guide to redesign your business and your career.